NaNo 2010 Day 5

So a curious thing has occurred this year.

I posted earlier about how working in 20 minute session is working for me. If I do four a day I get near double my word count.  Also having  grammer take a flying leap out the window helps.

As I have been typing, there was a little anxiousness on my part about how sparse my descriptions have been and just how straight narration the words were. There is little mention of how people look and my main character has only been named once in the whole piece. Then I would remind myself that this is the first draft and that the painful part will come during the editing. Kinda like how you forget the pain of a new tattoo but that itching that comes after is the real bitch.

But on my way to work yesterday the thought came to me that I was actually writing my outline as opposed to a first draft. I was just getting the sequence of events out with no frills.

Back in grade school I was in advanced English for a few years and in I think the fifth or sixth grade we would have do a paper every week. Mon we got the subject and brainstormed, Tues was outlining, Wed was first draft, Thurs was revision and Fri was final draft. I could never do the outline before the paper. It was easier for me to just write the paper and then go back and get the outline from the end result.

And I think in a weird way I am doing that again. My first draft is actually the basis for an outline. I’m just getting the bare bones now so I know where the story is going. Then I am going to know where the flaws are and if the direction makes sense when I go for the rewrite.

I don’t think this has ever happened in my writing and it is kinda exciting to discover. When I write a passage I’m not sure about, the thought isn’t so much that there’s a whole chunk I will have to take out, but more like just a bullet point that might get deleted or moved. I have not come across a reference to doing it this way but I am sure it happens.

If I keep up my current rate, I will reach 50,000 at about the middle of the month. Part of me wants to keep going til the end to see how many total words I get and part wants to use that time to extrapolate the actual novel from my outline-first draft. I suppose it will depend if I’ve finished at 50,000 or not.

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