This was my first year winning NaNoWriMo and I think part of it was that I actually had an idea of the ending going into it and part was cause I really embraced the whole idea behind it. I tend to be real picky about my writing and will get stuck trying to think of just the right word. But this time around I just let it go where it wanted to. There are so many spelling errors in the story  that just doing that  will take forever to correct by itself.  One of the best parts was that when I changed my mind about a character I just started from where I was and wrote in the change. I did not think about having to go back and dealing with what happened before.

In the past doing fanfic and especially writing with a partner I got into the habit of editing as I went and making sure everything was right before hitting that send button. This time I pushed all that to the side cause I knew I was going to have the time and luxary of editing after it was all over. The target was reaching the word count and to some degree getting down most of the elements of the story that I wanted to be there. And to my surprise I am looking forward to editing, even though it means rewriting the whole thing at least once.

I may never get this published on a large-scale and it might end up just on Lulu or CreateSpace with just my friends buying copies. But I have proven to myself that I can do this and that can only lead to more chances taken.

Script Frenzy, I am targeting you and you will be beaten.

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