Out West – The Leaving

I made sure the night I left my life was a moonless night. What I was doing did not need to be seen. Someone might just have tried to stop me and I couldn’t let that happen.

I had packed up during the day, little by little, taking only what I knew I would need. It took a lotta thought before I took those two things of her along too. The bundle had to be small enough for my trailing horse to carry it with room for any food I found along the way. I was not planning to be near any towns til I crossed the border.

I had filled up the lamp with oil before the sun had gone down and lit it as soon as it was dark. I stood in the middle of the room and looked at what had been my home for five years. Then I grabbed my pack and left the lamp burning on the table. If someone happened to see the light and came to take a look, well then they could have anything I had left behind. If the house ended up burning down, it wasn’t going to go any further. There was nothing on that dry land to endanger anyone around.

I loaded up my trailing horse and got him set before saddling up my main horse. I think he knew something was different, maybe even wrong. But he stood patient while I did the last bit of chores before mounting up.

The man who had come thru on the stage could not stop talking about that place. Said a man could reinvent himself, be anything he pleased. It didn’t matter much to me where I ended up, but the man’s words gave me a direction at least.


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