Promise made

Last night was the Winter Solstice/Lunar Eclipse. I thought about staying up but didn’t. I was going to do a ritual for the occasion, you have to figure it would be a great time for some kind of work to be done.

Bout 2230 (10:30 pm) or so I let the dog out for a quick leak. The sky was cloudy and the moon was almost straight overhead. I decided to do just something right then, nothing planned. That is usually what happens, I make plans to have a big to-do about something, then just end up standing outside let it fly.

A quick turn to the Bears/Vikings game to check the score reminded me that today was going to be the first day of Winter. So I went from that and ended up making a promise to dig deeper into how I feel about the people in my life, my views on my religion and how I see myself. With only Mani to witness it, I swore to do this before the next full moon, January 19.

I got the feeling at the end that the vow was accepted so now I have to keep to it. I made a decision to talk to a person who I have a difference of viewpoint with, instead of just thinking of dreadful things to be done to them. For me, that is very much progress.

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Three Days of Note in a Row

Nov. 9 – Hail Queen Sigrid the Haughty!

Nov. 10 – Happy 235th Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

Nov. 11 – Celebrate Veteran’s Day. Hail to the Einherjar!

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Unturned Ground

Lo, though the field be laid out and partitioned, it lays fallow

No care has been given to its tending

It sits, empty. Waiting.

Which is my smart ass way of saying I need to use this thing for what I set it up for. No more excuses and procrastination. So here we go.

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R.I.P. Stephen J Cannell

This first post was going to be an explanation about fan fiction and the subgenre of my speciality, slash. Then it was going to be the beginnings of a writing exercise that caught my attention. But today I found out about the passing of Stephen J Cannell and had to do something for that.

Novelist, actor,  screenwriter and creator of some of the iconic shows of my generation, he will be sorely missed.

Thanks for it all.

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