Script Frenzy nears

Script Frenzy

Script Frenzy begins in 10 days. It is a sister program to National Novel Writing Month. During the month of April we set out to write a 100 page script.

Much like with NaNoWriMo before last November, I have not won Script Frenzy. That will of course change this year as I already have the frame ready for the winner’s cerficiate.

It’s going to be a second attempt using a RPG I used to run as  source material, VAMrPS. The difference is this time it will be more a prequel, from before the time when my two MCs were in control of the cities. I’m seeing it as being a series pilot movie, so leaving it open ended but having to give it a definite direction.

I also have to work on making them their own people and more removed from just being avatars for the actors I was using to play them. More than anything that will be the prewriting that needs to be done.

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