Clash of the Old Guard: The Undertaker vs Triple H

Rewatching Raw. Only HHH and Taker could put on such a great promo without saying a word. #wwe

Yes, I am one of those people who watches pro wrestling. I don’t watch every week, but I try to keep a hand in. I couldn’t tell you what year I started watching but it has been off and on for over two decades. It is an honest interest as my great-great-grandmother used to go see the matches back home, though I didn’t learn that til I had been watching for many years.

My two favorite wrestlers are The Undertaker and Triple H, in that order. They are the last of an era from before the WWE was brought to the forefront of pop culture. They are the ‘Old Men’ in the locker room that the other guys look up to and ask for advice. They have been in the game a long time and still give the young ones a run for their money.

The video below is heralding of the return of both men after long hiatuses from the shows. Don’t worry, if you hate wrestling you are not going to see any. Just two pros telling a story without saying a damn thing. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Art.

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The preceding post was the first of a new thing I am trying, commenting on a tweet that caught my attention and more than likely RT’d. I can’t promise the entries are going to be deep in any real way, but it’s something I am going to attempt to do once every day.

The next one was also tweeted today, but I am going to save it for tomorrow.

Rewatching Raw. Only HHH and Taker could put on such a great promo without saying a word. #wwe
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Adam Baldwin

[ Post ] The man they call Jayne turns 49 today!

Today is Adam Baldwin’s birthday. If you are of an age like mine, then the first time you saw him was in My Bodyguard (or at least in the commercial in my case). I don’t think I saw him in a movie til D.C. Cab and that was on cable. But if you remember him in a little TV movie (remember those?) called Pigs vs Freaks, than that is something.

The man has too many other credits to mention, including Independence Day and more famously Full Metal Jacket. But he will always have a place in my heart for playing Jayne Cobb on the far too short lived series, Firefly, and its hard won movie sequel, Serenity.

From Adam’s favorite scene in one of his fav episodes of Firefly, I give you his performance of  ‘The Hero of Canton’.

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