75 in 2012 – #1

So first day of the year, first book off the list, first review.

Granted it was only 111 pages long but I did set up to have some short books to allow for the longer works I plan to read.

A Little Red Book of Vampire Stories by John Maclay was a book I ordered off a website, now forgotten. I can’t say what drew my attention to the book or why I decided to buy it but I am glad I did. It is a first edition printing, 1 of 500 signed and numbered by the author.

There are 10 stories in the book.

Renewing Marvin
Habits of the Canine Vampire
The Angel of Death
Vampire’s Daughter
Salem Morning

The stories are snapshots into areas and ways that you wouldn’t expect a vampire to be. My favorite story was Bloodsuckers. All of them have a bit of a twist to them, but the one in that story made me smile.

It’s a good book for a quick mental getaway. It would have been nice if the stories were longer just because you want to stay with them for a while. But each presents a clear picture of the tale and you feel you know the characters.

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